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Give a Gift of Independence

Help Kids like Nate this Christmas   Imagine a grey world, where you see no colour and have a sensitivity to light - that is reality for Nathaniel or Nate to his family and friends.  Nate is 3 years old, an absolute chatterbox and never stops talking. He is fascinated by anything with wheels, especially trains and he just loves to dance. Nate has a special place in Can:Do history; being the very first client to access a white cane through our new Orientation and Mobility Service which commenced in June 2016. Nate has ...
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DIY Activity - Talking Tennis Balls

Talking tennis balls - build hand and finger strength! How: Cut a 7cm line across the tennis ball. Stick on eyes Draw hairs, lips, eye lashes Make the tennis ball ‘talk’ by squeezing the sides of the mouth Scrunch up little bits of paper or using pom poms to ‘feed’ the tennis ball, you can have food eating races against each other Note: The shorter the mouth line the harder it is to squeeze it open, the bigger the mouth the easier. Get the child to reach across their body to pick up things in the...
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