Young Kids, Big Hearts

Meet these young fundraisers giving back.

Adeline Roe
A Can:Do 4Kids client for over 8 years, Adeline Roe is an amazing young fundraiser in our community. Diagnosed with Cone Dystrophy, her vision is described as a blurry black and white photo. With no colour vision, poor fine and distance vision and an extreme sensitivity to light; Adeline has never let that hold her back from getting out in the community and giving things a go. With her strong will and determination, Adeline swam in the 2015 Brighton Jetty Classic and has participated with her family as a part on the Can:Do 4Kids Convoy at every City-Bay fun run since 2011, all whilst raising money to give back to Can:Do 4Kids. To read more about Adeline's fundraising, click here

Asher Young
Inspired by his cousin Cameron who is Deaf, young fundraiser Asher Young feels strongly about supporting kids that haven’t had the same opportunities and advantages he has had. Because of this, Asher has chosen to support Can:Do 4Kids in more ways than one over the past few years. To read more about Asher's fundraising, click here

Jessye Campbell
Jessye Campbell isn’t like most young girls her age. At 11 months old, Jessye was diagnosed with bilateral
retinoblastoma – tumours on both of her retinas. After extensive surgeries, the disease took both of Jessyes eyes she had prosthetic eyes fitted. But Jessye has never let the loss of her vision hold her back. With her Can:Do attitude, Jessye is always looking for new challenges; and in particular within the sporting field. To read more about Jessye's fundraising, click here

Do you want to have some fun and fundraise for Can:Do 4Kids? Contact us on fundraising@candogroup.com.au or check out our fundraising guide online here