OT Highlight - Analise Favretto

Analise Favretto,  occupational therapists at Can:Do 4Kids, shares with us her story. Happy OT week everyone!

Why did you choose to become an occupational therapist?

I knew I always wanted to work in the health field in some capacity, as working with people was important to me. I chose to become an OT based on the holistic approach used in therapy. OT is such a broad and dynamic discipline that allows you to think creatively, problem solve and work with the strengths that people have rather than their weaknesses. OT’s get to work in the “now” and current experiences of people’s daily lives and therefore each visit can be new and challenging and be completely different to the last, making it meaningful for the client.

What area of practice do you work in?

I currently work in paediatric therapy, specifically with those of sensory impairments. My client’s all vary in different ages, from 3 years old to 15. I work with clients with vision impairments, hard of hearing and sensory impairments such as Autism. The part I enjoy most in working with paediatrics is being able to work closely alongside families and careers to support their child’s everyday functional life. It’s not only rewarding to see the outcomes in your clients, but your clients families as well!

What has been most rewarding about being an OT?

The versatility in my day to day job, the relationships you build with families and the day to day learning opportunities this job provides.  I as a person like to be creative and think outside the square, so this job allows me to do that it all means. Working in an interdisciplinary team has also allowed me to develop skills outside of the OT realm, whilst implementing into therapy. The constant learning, relationship and positive outcomes for my clients and their families are what reward me.

What has been most challenging?

Learning to think on my feet! In this job you cannot predict what your day will look like as you walk into the office, you can’t anticipate what might happen in a 1:1 therapy session, so it’s about learning to take on the challenge head first and take these opportunities of challenge to master my skills for the future. 


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