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Occupational Therapy Week

Happy OT Week!

Sunday 22 October until Saturday 28 October, inclusive. This is to coincide with World Occupational Therapy Day on 27th October.

OT Week helps promote the many ways occupational therapy can help people at all stages of life to reach their potential.

This year OT week is focusing on increasing the understanding of occupational therapy amongst the broader community.

What is OT?

Occupational Therapy can also be considered as 'activity therapy'. OTs facilitates the development of skills to enable people to engage in their life their way. For children, play is the basis of their occupation. We aim to utilise a child's strengths and interests to build on their skill set.

How therapy 'looks' changes from child to child, family to family. Some common focus areas include skills in:

- Fine motor (pre-writing, handwriting and scissor skills)

- Gross motor (ball skills, core and upper limb strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, body awareness)

- Independent living skills (feeding, toileting, sleeping, dressing)

- Sensory processing

- Play

- Organisation

- Engagement, attention and concentration

At Can:Do 4Kids we offer these services through individual and group-based therapy for children from birth to young adulthood.

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