Learn and Grow

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Learn and Grow is an Early Intervention group for birth to 2-year-olds and we are excited to share that our upcoming sessions will have some special guests! 

15th August: ‘How to get kids interested in books and read to them when they have low vision?’ And; ‘can my child with vision impairment go to a mainstream school?’ With OT and Assistive Tech Specialist Adriana along with Can:Do ambassador Kerrie (who is a parent of 8-year-old twins with a vision impairment). 

22nd August: ‘Top 10 NDIS planning meeting tips. Be planning meeting ready!’ With Can:Do NDIS Coordinator Renee. 

29th August: ‘Building your child's confidence to get up and about safely using their residual vision’. With O&M Specialist Esther. 

12th September: ‘What do I do when my child won’t chew? Helpful hints around exploring different textures, foods and variety.’ And; ‘what’s the difference between being fussy and having a feeding development issue?’ With Speech Pathologist and Feeding Development Specialist Mirinka. 

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