Feeding Information Session

Taster of the Feeding Service Information Session

If any of the following apply in your family, you may be interested in seeking some support around mealtimes and feeding:

  • Children gagging or vomiting foods
  • Children or infants refusing foods with lumps or those requiring      chewing
  • Almost always eats different foods at a mealtime than the rest of the family (or often doesn’t eat with the family)
  •  Children unable to sit for mealtimes
  • Challenging behavior during mealtimesor relating to food
  • Restricted range or variety of foods
  • Refusal to try new foods, or cries/becomes distressed when new foods are presented
  • Refusal of entire categories of food texture or nutrition (e.g. hard foods, meats, vegetables)
  • Persistently a fussy or picky eater

Our experienced feeding team; including speech pathologists and occupational therapists; support children, young people and families with a range of mealtime strategies and intervention. The feeding service offers both group and individual programs, specific to your child and identified goals.

The Can:Do 4Kids feeding team are running an information session to introduce the service and begin exploring potential support for your child and family.

Who: All Can:Do 4Kids clients
(there will be care services available for children who attend)
When: Wednesday July 20 5-6pm
Where: 59-61 Grange Road, Welland
Cost:  Free, tea, coffee and nibbles will be available

Please confirm your attendance by contacting Grace Kircher on 0408 820 147 or  email grace.kircher@cando4kids.com.au or Molly Moloney  on 0487 922 314 or email molly.moloney@cando4kids.com.au

We look forward to seeing you there and supporting your family to increase mealtime success!