Drakes and Coins 4Kids

Did you shop at Drakes Supermarkets in during the month of July? If you did you might have put a little spare change into one of our cute green Coins 4Kids piggies, and a little spare change can sure add up.

The Coins 4Kids campaign was launched in July in conjunction with Adelaide’s very own Drakes Supermarkets, with the aim to raise much needed funds to support the services provided by Can:Do 4Kids. And the response was more than what we could have hoped for!

With the help of the Drakes Supermarkets management, staff and their generous customers, a whopping $10,500 was raised! Their efforts have gone a long way to helping South Australian children who are blind, Deaf or sensory impaired. We can’t thank them enough!

Keep an eye out for more piggies coming to a counter near you in 2017 as we aim to reach our fundraising goal of $50,000 – and if you would like a piggy for your very own counter, order one, two or more here or get in touch with us at fundraising@candogroup.com.au