A cause close to Jenny’s heart

We talk to Jenny, one of our dedicated lottery team members - and discover why raising valuable funds for Can:Do 4Kids and Deaf Can:Do is so important to her.

“Some of you may have spoken to me on the phone – it’s my job to sell lottery tickets to support Can:Do Kids and Deaf Can:Do. I joined Can:Do just over three years ago – I was thrilled to work somewhere where I could make a difference to those in need. However, at that stage I had no idea just how close the cause would become to my heart.

My grandson Aaron is five years old. He was diagnosed with a heart defect and Down syndrome when he was just four days old. It was a very scary time for our family. 

In early 2012, Aaron started attending speech pathology at Can:Do 4Kids to help develop his communication skills. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to Aaron and everyone who loves him – it’s just wonderful to see him using signs and pictures to communicate. 

2013 has been a huge year for Aaron. The year started with Aaron reaching a huge milestone - he took his first steps in January, just a few days before his fifth birthday. He also underwent open heart surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne – then started school only four weeks later!

Aaron continues to have regular speech therapy sessions at Can:Do 4Kids. Until recently, Aaron only ate soft pureed foods, and as such his diet was very limited. Can:Do 4 Kids is experienced in helping children with challenges around feeding, and is helping Aaron to explore new foods. I was ecstatic when Aaron’s mum told me he took his first bite of solid food just a few weeks ago. Aaron of course just loves the opportunity to make a mess!”